Workshops to celebrate your femininity!

Yoga Spot organizes two workshops that celebrates our femininity. Because in Western society, where competition, performance, rational thinking and constant movement are center there is often too little time and space for the female energy. An energy that considers our creativity, playfulness, emotions, stillness and promotes sharing & caring. Many of the women we speak feel this discrepancy in their daily lives, sometimes stating that ’they don’t feel feminine’. A sign for us to emphasize the importance for each woman to feel feminine and to celebrate our female energy with two fantastic workshops, the Art of Femininity (March 4) and the Art of Sensuality (April 1st) given by Mariya Spasova – an expert on this matter.

Watch here the video where Mariya tells you about the workshops

Are you interested in any of the workshops? If you join both you will receive a disount of € 20,- (€ 70,- instead of € 90,- total)

Come and join us to celebrate the feminine!

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