Unique in Amsterdam!
Dr Deepak Mittal shares Soul Yoga with us.
In this Soul Yoga workshop by Dr. Deepak Mittal from India, we will take you on a journey which will help you learn the balance of the body by physical yoga asanas, knowledge about different chakra activation, meditation and path to attain samadhi.
This workshop will benefit you to attain internal happiness, peace & ultimate bliss with a glowing skin & will act as natural anti-ageing. It will boost your energy level to the fullest which will help you to accomplish all your goals in life. You will also learn the technique to achieve the super-conscious state of mind.

Each workshop has a theoretical and a practical part and in each workshop a Yoga Spot teacher will guide the asana practice and pranayama:

January 11 – Knowledge sharing & Yoga asanas: Dr Deepak Mittal will start with awareness regarding the importance of meditation, power of chakras, astang yoga, how to use meditation as a tool to reach samadhi, meaning and importance of samadhi, followed by physical yoga asana practise.

January 12 – Instructed Meditation & Yoga asanas: After asana practice and pranayama Dr Deepak Mittal will start with the instructed mediation and will make you learn the special meditation technique to attain state of samadhi, followed by physical yoga asanas.

January 13 – Instructed Meditation & Samadhi & Yoga asanas: we will perform physical yoga asanas. The remainder of the session will focus on meditation and Samadhi.

About the teacher

Dr. Deepak Mittal is an Indian business tycoon by profession. He has attained his spiritual knowledge from the leading spiritual gurus of India. With years of experience of meditation and Samadhi, he has embarked on this spiritual journey and now is sharing this precious knowledge of self-realization with the world.

This workshop meets 3 times. They have to be attended all 3 for the maximum benefit!