A reflection on Change….

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche said once. Think of change like the skin of a snake. So often we want to rip the skin off the snake and be changed already. But it is important for us to wait… To let the skin shred of and let change happen more natural, easier….

Now take a moment to take in the meaning of this symbolization and reflect on your own life and your ‘projects’. Are you trying to rip the skin off? Are you trying to bring about this change that you want to see? Or can you leave space? And allow for the skin to shred?

Next time you come to your yoga mat I invite you to take this realization into your practise. And observe in every pose, in every asana and every movement if you are  trying to force yourself deeper, further and longer into a pose, because you want to be changed…. Because you want to be somewhere else in the pose than you actually are at that moment…. Or you can breath into the pose, create space for acceptance, for what is now, and let change happen to you as you continue your practise…

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