The difference between Yin yoga and Restorative yoga

explained by both Yin and Restorative teacher Eline van de Kam

Eline van de Kam

My favorite aspect of both of these styles of yoga is they teach you to feel.

Restorative and yin yoga both cultivate a powerful inner awareness. Both practices are an extended and effortless meditation. Observing what is happening without interfering and judgement.

Emotions may surface that you usually suppress. You learn how to sit with difficult or painful emotions that arise and work through them – the same way you physically work with a difficult posture — adjust as needed, sit with it, breathe through it, send it energy and love, and smile.

Yin works the energy channels of the body and opens deep connective tissues, requiring one to stay with what IS by connecting with the breath especially when challenged in a pose.

Restorative yoga replenishes the body, restores a body with high stress levels (ready to flight, fight or freeze) into a body at ease (rest and digest) requiring no effort from the yogi other than to relax. They serve two different intentions, yet both relax the body, expand the breath and allow to let go of the noise in the mind….

Being present in the now. ❤️

Yin classes at Yoga Spot

Monday               20:30 – 21:45u                 Margriet
Tuesday              14:30 – 15:45u                 Eline
Wednesday         11:00 – 12:15u                 Lahma
Wednesday         20:30 – 21:45u                 Eline
Thursday             11:00 – 12:15u                 Armindah
Friday                  11:00 – 12:15u                 Lahma
Sunday                11:45 – 13:15u                 Armindah
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Restorative classes at Yoga Spot

Monday              10:00 – 11:15u                   Eline
Tuesday             17:30 –  18:45u                  Natasa
Thursday            20:30 – 21:45u                  Lahma
Friday                 17:00 – 18:15u                  Cristina