“  Yoga brings you home to yourself  


Rita de Boer

Hatha (Flow) docent


Short bio:

I have been inspired by body movements all my life and have greatly benefited from self-healing breathing and body-work practices to overcome complications with menstruation,  childbirth, stress and hormonal disbalance. The joy of experiencing the body and feeling at home in it is what I want to share in the yoga practice, wishing that everybody finds their way home to oneself. I completed the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaspot in 2021 and teach Hatha (easy flow).

Favourite asana: Upavistha Konasana

What does this asana bring you?

Forward bends bring me closer to myself. Upavistha Konasana invites the body to engage in many things at the same time; stretching the legs, strengthening the spine, releasing the groins, calming the mind, balancing the nervous system and grounding the whole body. There is no other way than to breathe myself into this pose while laughing away the seriousness of trying.