“ Denna dagen, ett liv” – one day, one life

(Astrid Lindgren)


Dorrith Beijnes

Yoga Teacher

The author who created Pippi Langkous, Astrid Lindgren, was inspired daily by this phrase. It appeals to me firstly as these words make me conscious that life is only very short and that each day matters. Secondly I like it because I have Swedish roots and as a child I loved watching Pippi and her adventures on television.

Short bio:
Around the year 2000, Dorrith started with yoga and never stopped practicing ever since. During these years she transformed from student into teacher. Currently she is an international registered teacher at the Vijñāna Yoga International Foundation (since 2007). Her inspiration? “..Every class is unique, every time its fascinating again to work with the body, to find deeper layers of peacefulness and to allow the energy to flow again..”. Dorrith has also lived a few years in Asia where she has gained experience in Healing & Energy work. This you see reflected in her classes. Dorrith teaches Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Mindfulness yoga.

Favourite asana:
Gomukhasana – Cow Face Pose

What does this asana bring you?
This asana is quite simple and you can do this everywhere. I find it a very pleasant way to give my hips and shoulders openness and space. By sitting up straight my head calms down and in this pose I can very easily visualise that tension leaves my body and softness and lightness enters my body on the rhythm of my breath. Teaching this asana it surprises me each time again how big the benefits are for such a simple pose.