Hatha yoga

“Meditation in movement”

Hatha yoga is one of the most powerful methods to purify your body and mind, and it supports the healthy functioning of the two. You become aware of your presence in your body and you learn how to observe and feel this without judgment. In this way, yoga not only helps make your body strong, supple and healthy but it also allows you to experience oneness of body and mind.

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What does a class look like?

Hatha Yoga is a general category that includes most yoga styles and is an all-round form of yoga. We encourage you to find the class that best fits your personal needs. Each teacher teaches the class in their own unique way. A theme is introduced at the beginning of the class. This theme will focus specific attention to certain areas of the body (such as the back or hips), breathing, trust issues, letting go and acceptance. These can all be integrated into the class.

Zijn er nog variaties?

Hatha door Blazka: “Sivananda yoga”
Sivananda Yoga focuses on relaxation, breathing and positve thinking. It keeps you vital, healthy and happy. The class starts with Shavasana to clear the mind, after which a serie of 16 asana’s will follow. You can attend the class as a beginner but also as an experienced yogi.

Hatha by Lahma: challenging, calming, strenghthening.
Lahma teaches over 20 years, and you feel that that experience in her classes. Grounded, structured. A fun class with challenged if you feel like it – and if you aren’t there yet, she will give you alternative asana’s to play with. A class to hug!!

Hatha by Carla: “Flow”
Carla’s Hatha are a beautiful mix of mindfulness and ‘flow’. She guides you through asana’s and movements that strengthen and stretches the body, while you just feel afterwards as if you have been meditating for an hour. Your muscles will tell you that you did work hard, the next day.

What are the benefits?

You learn how to use your breath more fully. You work on incorporating the correct techniques and alignment within yoga postures (asanas). During your practice, you observe your mind and body, thereby becoming more aware of its possibilities and limitations. Your body awareness grows. Sometimes we hold a pose longer and give room to silence to allow the body and mind to adjust, accept and surrender. Relaxation and softness can be felt if held longer. The practice improves the flow of energy and life power, and stimulates your organs and blood flow. A great benefit of the practice is that you become more supple and powerful in both body and mind.

Who teaches this class?

Hatha by Margriet: Easy Flow “Calming and balancing”
Margriet draws from a deep well of experience and knows how to integrate the needs of the group within her classes. She helps you get out of your head and into your body. In a gentle flow you will slowly warm up your body, thereby relaxing and stabilising your muscles. The asanas are simple so that everyone can do them, but sometimes they can be a bit more strenuous. The emphasis of her class is to discover and respect the boundaries of your body and soul, working deeply on a spiritual and meditative level. After her class you will feel relaxed and closer to yourself. Her class is also suitable for beginners or people with injuries.

Hatha by Nataliia: “Diverse and challenging”
Nataliia invites you to hold asanas for longer periods of time. In this way, you can work on your alignment and build up strength, endurance and flexibility. With the more challenging poses, Ntaliia always offers a more gentle alternative, so that you can always participate on your own level. This approach makes her classes suitable for both beginner and intermediate yogis. After class, you will feel more dynamic and flexible with a clear mind.

Hatha door Natalie: “Fluent and meditative”
Ntaliie’s Hatha classes are characterised by the ‘flow’ that connects the poses. Your fitness, endurance and muscle strength are challenged, whilst at the same time a lot of attention is given to the meditative aspect of yoga.

Hatha by Trix: “Energizing and precise” 
Trix’ Hatha classes are carefully built-up. Not too heavy, but yet challenging. Meditation and playfulness are always part of the class.


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