“Powerful, strengthening, flexibility”

Practising pilates gives you long, strong muscles and allows you to discover muscles that you didn’t even know you had! You will create strength, flexibility, balance and better posture. Pilates also promotes harmony between body and mind. Your ‘core’ muscles will be strengthened. Many people who suffer from back pain benefit greatly from pilates.

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What does a class look like?

After a good warming-up there are several varied exercises. In a pilates class your body is trained through controlled exercises. Central to the practice is training you to have control over your spine. The exercises primarily focus on strengthening the region of the lower back, the abdomen, the pelvis and the glutes. Awareness, concentration, breathing, muscle control and relaxation are all key concepts within each class. Stretching is very good for your muscles and for the flexibility of your whole body. The stretching in pilates exercises is dynamic and non-static, meaning that you move whilst you are stretching your muscles. Furthermore, many pilates exercises are developed in such a way as to strengthen the muscles. Sometimes balls and straps (large elastic bands) are used. The class ends with a cooling down. All pilates classes take an hour.

Are there any variations?

Pilates is given in group and private classes.

What are the benefits?

  • Training for a strong and flexible body
  • A variety of challenging exercises
  • Very suitable for people with back pain
  • Pilates greatly helps with chronic pain
  • Stretching and strengthening of your muscles
  • Mental relaxtion

Who teaches this class?

Manolo, Cleo and Ines are our Pilates teachers. Manolo’s class is a little more challenging. Cleo focuses little more on explanation and detail.

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