Vinyasa Flow Yoga

“Dynamic, relaxes the mind”

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga in which different yoga poses (asanas) are linked by flowing movements to the rhythm of your breath. The flow is created from the full flow of moving through the poses and breathing. This allows you to relax and release your tensions and energy. With this form of yoga the emphasis is on dynamics and strength.


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What does a class look like?

This yoga class starts with a moment of silence to turn attention inward. This makes you aware of your body and mind so that you can begin the full range of physical exercises with your full attention. In the Vinyasa style, the poses follow into each other in a flowing and dynamic way. You can slowly increase the intensity. The teacher guides you through the vinyasas (series of asanas) and tells you when you need to breathe in and out on a particular movement. This may be difficult at first, so don’t be too hard on yourself! Enjoy the flow and the experience of how this form of yoga brings you into a ‘meditative trance’. Towards the end of the class you do some floor exercises to calm down your energy and lower your heartrate. You finish this class with a restorative and relaxing ‘Savasana’ (final rest).

What are the benefits?

More flexibility. Blood circulation gets stimulated, so you start sweating and expel waste. This cleanses the body. Blood supply to the muscles and organs increases, which helps reduce, prevent or even remove various muscle complaints. You develop more muscle strength by performing the series of exercises. Breathing exercises and meditations play a huge role in Vinyasa yoga. Good breathing and meditation bring calmness, relaxation and energy. This will help you feel good!

Who teaches this class?

Cristina, Lahma, Lilian and Margriet teach Vinyasa Yoga.