Phoenix Burnout Programme

Welcome to our 8-week Phoenix Burnout Programme. The Phoenix burns itself every now and then. It is reborn younger from its own ashes. In general, Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth.
And that is exactly what we offer you here – a better version of yourself, so you can leave your burnout behind you and continue your life. But a bit different.
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Welcome to the Phoenix Burnout Programme

More and more people suffer from stress so much that they burn out. And so did we; over 60% of our teacher team had a burn-out and changed his or her life in such a way it doesn’t happen again.

We like to share this knowledge with you, to get you back on our feet and to become a better version of yourself. Because it is already clear to you that you can’t go on like this anymore – something has to happen. And as survivors of a burnout, we want to help you with it.


We have chosen for an 8-week programme. We did this because changing your habits takes 2 months – 66 days, to be more precise. In these 2 months we guide you through changing the way you handle stress and integrate important changes in your life – but not too intense – we want to help, not stress you out even more.

We invite you for a weekly gathering on Thursday from 12.30 to 14.00. We spend this time removing the causes of your burnout and we will give you new perspectives and insights.  We discuss what goes well and what needs improvement, which situations are causing stress and how to handle them. Yoga will be a part of this. We use gentle breathing techniques, burnout friendly yoga and techniques to talk to your subconscious and unconscious mind, in order to let you handle the rest of the day stressfree.

In between our gatherings, you receive some emails from us that are an inspiration and help you become conscious of your behavior. You also receive short meditation and breathing-exercises by email or what’s app. Every two weeks on a Monday we have an extra gathering in which we “do” something, very low profile, to get the fun back in the fundamentals of your existence.

What can you expect from us?

To get to know each other, we will plan a short intake of 30 minutes. It’s purpose is to know if what we offer resonates with you. We also want to know who you are, how you are and what you need. We can meet in the yoga studio but also at your place, or in a nice tea bar – what feels best for you.

Next to the normal gatherings you can always contact us. We will share our information in pieces you can digest easily to not overwhelm or overfeed you. Also, the suggestions for activities will be small – and we fully understand if you can’t manage one every now and than.

You can attend extra yoga classes, private or group classes – the teachers of the programme both teach on Monday and Tuesday. See our schedule for group classes or contact us for a private class (price information you find here)

And more: understanding. We understand where you are – we have been there too, and we survived – and we look forward to helping you back on your feet into a stable version of yourself.

Also after the two months of intense guidance we will send you our inspiring and motivation emails with yoga, meditation and breathing exercises for a few more weeks. And if you have a fall-back, have any questions how to deal with life or just want to talk, we are still here for you.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe by sending us a short email on We will contact you soon after- by email or phone– to meet you in person. Please mention some dates and times for a meeting moment.

After your intake, you can start immediately with the programme. Yoga experience not necessary.


Your investment for this life-changing guidance is €380,=.
If your employer pays for it, the costs  for the group programme is €500.

If you want to attend this program as a private one-to-one program, the price is €760.  

This investment is an intense guidance on your soul search how to stand in life stable, firm and without the risk to repeated burnout.

This investment includes all Thursday and Monday gatherings, all information we will share through email, what’s app or otherwise, but excludes extra private or group classes.

About the teachers

Margriet Verhagen Margriet had 4 burnouts. She is so driven and so motivated, engaged and totally absorbed in what she does, she time after time finds out too late she crossed the line – again – to find herself back completely exhausted. She is for sure experienced when it comes to having a burnout – and coming back on your feet. Like no other she knows how (horrible) it feels to be there – again! – and to come out of the shame, to admit something has to change.

Margriet is founder and owner of Yoga Spot, is married, has 2 children (of which one is a top sports gymnastics) and lives in Amsterdam South. In her past life she was a project manager at the Ministry of Safety and Justice; nowadays she lives her passion in running her own yoga studio and being a therapist, helping people to overcome difficulties in life.

She can dig deep in a well of experience when it comes to burnout, personal development, yoga and mediation. She gets energy from making music and singing, reading and yoga.

“It’s as if you step into a warm bath when you enter a yoga class with Margriet. You feel seen, heard, carried and helped”.

Carla Aspesberger: My burnout happened in a stage of my life where I was not centered because I didn’t know who I was. I was trying to discover who I was but allowed too many distractions and opinions from the outside to shape my image.

My burnout signs started with depression while I was in my 3rd year (last year) studying BSc degree in Human Life Science and Psychology. Afterthat, I became a medical representative with the intention to help people but soon realized that the medical industry is just a mask for creating customers
instead of cures. I tried to tolerate this and a bad relationship for the next 4 years, trying to find the silver lining or the lesson. At the end of the day, everything became too much and the burnout that brewed inside of me for so longerupted like a volcano burning everything in it’s the path. I couldn’t see the benefit of it at that stage but it burned everything clean in order for me to start from scratch. I was on the floor in pieces but this time I got to decide how I put these pieces back together again without influence from anyone or anything other than yoga.

In the best way, yoga opened the door and gave me the courage to break down and be vulnerable. I started doing yoga 8 months before Ihad my full-blown burnout. That was my only motivation to get out of my bed – once a day. Not to eat or even shower. For that hour I spent on my mat I felt like my optimal higher self and not my average broken self when I got off of my mat. It felt like I secretly took a piece of courage along with me from my mat and left the relationship that wasn’t serving me anymore.

Shortly after I left the job that was draining me and I embarked on a journey that scared the shit out of me but somehow I knew I had to do it. Normally this would be the point that I run away but this felt like I was running towards something and no longer running away from something. This trip allowed me to reinvent myself and it felt so good that I felt guilty for not feeling bad but being in the environment of humble people and mindfulness and working hard in my TTC my mind was occupied with the right things. I always knew I wanted to help people,hence me studying psychology. However, I had to first heal and fix myself tohave first-hand experience how stubborn the human mind can be because I think I am one of the most stubborn people and yes it took me about 3 years to acknowledge and another one to recover from my burnout.

But I can truthfully say, if this stubborn lady with a troubled past can get back on her feet, doing what she loves in a place far from home then there is hope for everyone. I have hope for every single being, and if you don’t have hope that you will get better I will have hope for both of us, I will lend you some of my hope until you can cultivate your own hope and strength to put all your broken pieces back together the way you want and need them and not the way someone once told you how it should be.

“Carla is gifted choosing exactly those words that heal your soul. The metaphors she uses are touching and right into the heart, and makes you see what you want to do differently from now on.”