Want to find out which yoga styles we offer, or want to learn more about the different types of yoga? Below you’ll find a brief explanation of the different sorts of yoga that we offer.

Hatha yoga

“Meditation in movement”
Hatha yoga is one of the most powerful methods to purify your body and mind, and it supports the healthy functioning of the two. You become aware of your presence in your body and you learn how to observe and feel this without judgment. In this way, yoga not only helps make your body strong, supple and healthy but it also allows you to experience oneness of body and mind.

Yin Yoga

“Relaxing and unwinding”
Yin Yoga focuses on the relaxation of the deeper layers of body tissue – connective tissue (fascia), tendons and ligaments. It is a meditative and relaxing form of yoga. By holding a pose for quite a long period (2 to 5 minutes), the muscles are allowed to relax so that the deeper layers can be reached and soothed.

Ashtanga yoga

“Energetic, dynamic, meditative”
Ashtanga yoga consists of a series of yoga poses (asanas) practised in a fixed order. Each series is developed in a way whereby each asana prepares you for the following one. The asanas are fluently linked together by a combination of breath and movement (vinyasas). Because there are no breaks between the poses, this creates a ‘flow’.

Yoga Nidra

“Pure relaxation”
During this reclining, guided meditation and visualisation, your mind remains alert whilst your body sinks into a deep rest. The consciousness floats between sleeping and waking. Only the senses of feeling and listening are still ‘ON’. This ancient meditative technique relieves physical, mental and emotional stress and turmoil. Your senses and nervous system can relax completely. It will improve your night’s sleep, you will be able to relax more easily and be more in touch with yourself. One hour of Yoga Nidra equals 3 to 4 hours of sleep!

Yoga for Children (5-8 years)

“Playful, creative and relaxing”
Yoga for Children is a combination of yoga and play, with fun being at the core. In our classes, children can explore yoga through imaginative breathing exercises, games, yoga poses, relaxation, visualisation and creative activities. At the moment there are no lessons provided for children (5-8 years). 

Yoga for Teenagers (11-13 year)

“Let go and develop physical awareness”.
As a teenager you go through one of the most exciting times of your life, maybe it’s even the best one. You experience big changes on many different levels – physical, mental and emotional. However, this phase can be demanding as there is a lot to learn and achieve, many plans and choices to make, homework to do, etc. All this can cause stress and insecurity. Yoga for Teenagers gives you a break in the week where you can be physically active in a fun way, where nothing is expected of you, and you can just relax and let go. Practising yoga can be an enormous support during this period.


“Powerful, strengthening, flexibility”
Practising pilates gives you long, strong muscles and allows you to discover muscles that you didn’t even know you had! You will create strength, flexibility, balance and better posture. Pilates also promotes harmony between body and mind. Your ‘core’ muscles will be strengthened. Many people who suffer from back pain benefit greatly from pilates.

Senior / 55+ Yoga

“Calming, relaxing”
Yoga fits with any age and circumstance. In this class, we pay close attention to balance, supple joints, mobility and muscle strength. There are yoga exercises that help normalise blood pressure and balance the nervous system. Yoga postures can also help with feelings of depression, anxiety, muscle complaints and osteoporosis. The exercises will be done standing, sitting and lying down. If your body does not allow for a certain exercise, we offer alternative exercises using a chair or the wall for support.

Vinyasa flow yoga

“Dynamic, relaxes the mind”
Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga in which different yoga poses (asanas) are linked by flowing movements to the rhythm of your breath. The flow is created from the full flow of moving through the poses and breathing. This allows you to relax and release your tensions and energy. With this form of yoga the emphasis is on dynamics and strength.

Pregnancy Yoga

“Calm and balanced before delivery”
Yoga Spot offers a complete pregnancy yoga course of 9 classes followed by a reunion with the newborn babies. Pregnancy yoga offers you a calm break during the week where you can be quiet with your pregnancy and with the new life that’s growing inside you. This course will make you more aware of your body and breathing. You develop a calm and balanced attitude which increases confidence in the delivery. The practical preparation also helps you when the real work begins. The group will consist of other mums-to-be who have about the same due date as you. This creates a deeper connection and makes it more fun.

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