Yoga in Your Office

As a weekly class in your office, at a festival, as a business outing or workshop? Everything is possible.

Why yoga in your office?

– Yoga reduces burnout from stress
– Stress and work pressures bring about physical & mental complaints

In many different ways, stress can sneak into an organisation and catch up with employees. Think of high work pressure, changes in the organisation, illness or personal circumstances. Yoga is a healthy, stress-reducing method that helps improve the balance between workload and capacity.

Benefits of Yoga

– Increases work productivity
– Reduces the likelihood of sick leave, and prevents illness & burnout
– Increases body awareness – employees learn how to both recognise physical and mental stress and ways in which they can alleviate it
– Increases concentration and focus
– Improves the handling of stress
– Improves creativity and flexibility (= change preparedness)
– Contributes to a positive work environment


“Margriet’s yoga classes are perfect. From behind your desk you go and lay down your yoga mat, there’s music playing and within five minutes you’re in another mindset. The exercises are tailored to our wishes, any injuries we may have are taken into account, it’s not too difficult yet it’s challenging (sometimes even lively) and there’s plenty of space for relaxation. The end relaxation with massage is delicious! The most beautiful hour of the week, we look forward to it every time…….Low-threshold yet challenging, serious yet funny. Very good guidance and corrections.”

Marga Roosien, Telindus Utrecht