Even if you don’t attend a class at Yoga Spot, you can still book a massage. You can book easily online or by giving us a call. If you’d like to book a massage within 24 hours, please give us a call so we can be sure that we’re ready for you!
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Deep Tissue Massage

In this form of massage, we work with trigger points and stretches. It is a powerful massage in which we work on the deeper muscles. Stress, emotions and pain are stored here, as well as waste products that are the cause of cramped muscles. Through deep pressure, waste products are released and discharged by the lymph and blood circulations.
Given by Karin


Relaxation Massage

“Let some things fall from your plate in time” is an ancient Chinese saying. By letting yourself be massaged intuitively by a masseuse who can tune into you, you will soon feel tensions being soothed away. You can let the masseuse know which areas you want them to focus on. Massage causes everything in your body to flow better. After a massage, you will feel relaxed, fit and more balanced. Who wouldn’t want that?
Given by Karin and Francien

Raindrop Therapy

The healing power of Raindrop Therapy can be used to relieve back pain, overworked muscles and tiredness, and it helps relieve mood swings, emotional trauma and depression. Your whole system will be brought back into balance by Raindrop Therapy.
Given by Karin

Sports Massage

Sports massage helps you relax when you are in pain, are preparing for a sporting event and recover faster after a heavy sports session. The focus is on improving blood flow, flexibility, mobility, pain relief, trigger points, muscle tension and relaxation for chronic sports injuries.
Given by Karin

Triggerpoint Massage

Trigger points are small muscle knots that cause tension in the muscle and influence the functioning of the surrounding nerves and joints. The peculiar thing about trigger points is that they deflect the pain to other areas in the body. So, the cause of the pain is often somewhere other than where you feel it!
Given by Karin and Francien


Foot Massage

The feet are a mirror of the body. All parts of the body and organs are connected to your feet by meridians (energy pathways). During a foot massage, the masseuse activates your entire body! It eases complaints, increases blood circulation and stimulates the flow of energy. Regularly available, also upon request!

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a unique time. Hormones make muscles and joints more flexible. Some women experience tension in their back &/or neck, have pelvic complaints, fluid retention, sleep problems or feel anxious about the delivery. This massage stimulates blood circulation, the discharge of lymph and waste products and stimulates the release of natural calming hormones (oxytocin) that help alleviate complaints.
Given by Karin and Francien

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