How do I become a Yoga Spot teacher?

In Amsterdam, more than 200 fresh yoga teachers finish their teacher training. They all look for a job in a nice studio. We created this page to inform you how you can become a Yoga Teacher at Yoga Spot.

How can I apply for a teaching job at Yoga Spot?

The first step to become a Yoga Spot teacher is to firstly attend at least one class in our studio. Applications without you actually attending a class will be seen as open applications and will not be taken into consideration.

It’s not because we want to force you to take a class – but if you are really interested, we expect you to be curious about our community, our style, atmosphere and staff before you drop your application. Personal attention is one of our key values and every staff member breathes it in and out– so if you want to be part of the team,  this is the first step.

When you attended a class and you like the studio, customers,  teachers and staff members, and you think you add value to our team, send us your application.

We like to know why you became a yoga teacher. What’s your drive? Or your calling? We are curious to find out.

We also want to know what personal development and yoga teacher training programmes you attended, how many hours and where. Please mention your teacher, yogaschool and country. We also want to know if you want to teach fulltime or that you want to do it next to another job. Where  you live and how you travel is also important; we prefer teachers with a bike above cars and scooters.

Yoga Styles and experience

We don’t teach funky yoga styles. We teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga (led class with invocation and mangala mantram K. Patthabi Jois style), Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative and Pilates. That’s it.

Multistyle teachers that teach above mentioned yoga styles are welcome, and also if you have specialised in one style we like to hear from you. We teach mixed classes, beginners and advanced levels together.

If you have attended your 500 hours training and have at least one year teaching experience, please contact us. 

We don’t have vacancies for junior teachers at the moment as we have one under our wings already. So if you just finished your 200 hours training, it’s really necessary that you get teaching experience. Please teach for a year and contact us again after that!

You always start teaching a trial class, as a sub. This gives us the opportunity to ask our clients what their experience is after your class. If possible, one of the Yoga Spot teachers will attend the class to give you feedback afterward. Based on this experience of teacher and clients you will (or will not) be invited to sub, and if a vacancy opens, we may ask you to fill it in.

That’s about it! Did you come all the way to this point? And you still think we are a nice studio and friendly people, although we know what we want? Good! We are curious about you too, so write us your memoires and we’ll get back to you!

Kindest regards,
Margriet Verhagen.