‘Yoga is more about managing and transforming our thoughts, emotions and behaviour, than about stretching our hamstrings. And the real work of yoga is about mastering our minds, not mastering the handstand’

Blazka Srsen

Hatha Sivananda docent

Before i started practicing yoga, i though i have no control over myself – my mind, my body, my emotions and feelings. When i learned (and am still learning) how to silence my mind and surrender to the present moment, i have gained an objective insight into myself aswell as recognizing the sneaky ego tricks. Every person wishes for a problem-free life, and with the practice of yoga we learn that there are never any problems in the present moment. When we give power to our mind and ego, we create the space and time and start attaching ourselves to our past, our thoughts and emotions, which consequently creates problems. No thinking? No problems!

I have learned all of these life changing philosophies from my amazing teachers Lal and Lorrie at the teacher training i did in Mexico. Before the training i only knew about the physical aspect of yoga, but now the seeds have been planted and i more and more realize what is the real essence of life.

I am so grateful for all the knowledge i have recieved, so now i want to return the favour and spread my knowledge of the mind and body with the world, as i have a strong belief that it can change lives.

Favorite asana:
Sirsasana – headstand

Why do you like this asana?
My teacher always said that if you have time to do only one asana in a day, it should be sirsasana, as it is the most beneficial. It stimulates our crown and third eye chakra, bringing our seed prana to the head and transforming it into ojas, a healing energy. It is also said that if you hold sirsasana for 3 hours every day, you can stop time. I love the pose because it brings me clarity and focus, it relieves stress and makes me feel energized and calm at the same time.