Yoga in Het Amsterdamse Bos

If you love Yoga and enjoy nature, this class is for you!

Every Saturday from 9.30 to 11.00 you can nourish yourself with powerful energy of Earth, Sun

Anabolinen kolminaisuus on baari, jossa on kolme koostumusta, joku, joka on suorittanut useita leikkausjaksoja, hyötyy enemmän anabolisesta kolminaisuudesta takypnea Sana laajennus tarkoittaa kirjaimellisesti “laajennus”. Anabolinen kolminaisuus yhdistää 3 voimakasta anabolista ainetta rakentamaan vähärasvaisen massan, voiman ja vaihtoehtoisen lihasmäärityksen. Hard Rock -lisäaineet suunnittelivat tämän täydennyksen seuraavalle tasolle androvarin ulkopuolella. Vahvuutensa vuoksi se on tarkoitettu ehdottomasti Avivaden anabolisten käyttäjien käyttöön.

& Air.

What can be better then:

☀️a tasty sip of fresh Air in Pranayama!

☀️Shavasana on a cosy green glade!

☀️Sun Salutation with morning Sun Rays touching your skin!

☀️warm tea at the end of a class in like-minded company!


Practice on the nature – is more then just Yoga.

It is also grounding, breathing lots of oxygen, absorbing sun-rays, enjoying green views of Het Amsterdamse Bos and much more…

At the end of the class you will feel refreshed, uplifted, happy and inspired!


Benefits of staying outdoors

Nature makes us happier, healthier and more creative. Psychologists and health researchers are finding more and more science-backed reasons why we should go outside and enjoy the natural world. They have already proved that staying outdoors is beneficial for human health.

Being outdoors…

  • has a demonstrated de-stressing effect;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • helps eliminate fatigue;
  • may help fight depression and anxiety;
  • protects your vision;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • improves your ability to focus;
  • increases your creativity;
  • may even help prevent cancer;
  • boosts your immune system.


Lets charge ourselves with positive vibes of Yoga and Nature in Het Amsterdamse Bos!

Join our classes on Saturday at 9.30-11.00.


coordinaten Amsterdamse Bos Yoga


Coordinates of the location: 52.3249956, 4.8540898

It´s close to the entrance into the forest and you can recognize this place by the Artwork ¨Family Ties¨ by erge Verheugen on your left.


In case of a bad weather we will cancel the class (and you will receive an email) 2 hours before its beginning.


Just register as usual, but for this class don’t come to the studio, come to the Amsterdam Forrest!