Accept who you are, connect to your body, care for your needs

Mirjam van de Kamp

Yin Yoga docent


I teach yin yoga but I also have a university degree as a nutritionist and I am trained as an intuitive eating counselor. I’ve always been fascinated with how a healthy lifestyle can make us feel better and can help us get so much more out of life. Yin yoga, mindfulness and tantra have given me more peace of mind and have helped me to understand myself better. I have learned the value of self-compassion. A healthy lifestyle is not about strict rules and regimens for me, but about caring for yourself out of self-love and self-respect. Using yoga postures and meditation techniques to create more space in your body and mind. And using food to joyfully nourish yourself, so that you can feel energetic and thrive in this life! In my classes and workshops, I’d like to help you to take care of your body and mind in the way that’s most in line with your personal needs. You are welcome with everything that you are. If you feel that more personalized guidance would help you or if you’re working with specific issues, I give 1-on-1 coaching in intuitive eating and private yoga classes (based on yoga therapy for digestive issues if needed). Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have, I’d love to help wherever I can.

Favoriete asana: Anahatasana

Waarom doe je deze asana graag / wat brengt hij jou?

Als ik iets heb geleerd de afgelopen jaren, dan is het wel hoe belangrijk het is om je hart te openen voor alles wat het leven brengt. Dat is enorm spannend en echt niet altijd makkelijk, want het kan heel kwetsbaar voelen. Toch heb ik ervaren dat het prachtig is om je door het leven te laten raken, in de mooiste momenten, maar ook in de moeilijkere momenten. Anahatasana helpt je om je hart te openen maar geeft je toch ook een beschermd gevoel. Zo helpt het je om het leven volop te ervaren vanuit jouw veilige plek.