Science Of Magnetic Attraction

Boek een SOMA Breathing & Meditation sessie!

What is it?

Want to take your meditation and manifesting to the next level?

New to meditating and want to try a unique and exciting way to meditate using breath work and euphoric music?

SOMA breathwork meditation is a unique combination of scientifically proven breath work techniques, rhythmical and euphoric music, guided meditation and imagery which results in a remarkable process to reach your highest state of consciousness and ecstatic bliss. Through this awareness your authentic truth reveals itself. It guides you to know the difference between what is good for you and what is no longer serving you. You can remove the attachment to the past, fully embrace the present moment and be at your best every day.

What to expect in class?

We will breath in beats, enjoy the bliss of the moment and cultivate and invite more of what we want into our lives.

Come and join!

Come join this class and be ready to be amazed. Every one welcome! All you need is yourself, no experience needed and great way to start a meditation practice too. Just leave your expectations and worries somewhere you wont remember, if they do follow you we will breathe them out and shut the door so all they can do is knock on the door from the outside.

Who guides this class?

The SOMA Breathing & Meditation classes at Yoga Spot are teached by certified instructor and psychologist Carla Aspesberger.