Explore the Sounds of Your Soul

date:           Sunday October 13
time:          14:30-16:45 u
price:         €25
teacher:     LizandraVidal
language:  English

“Everything in Life is Vibration” said Albert Einstein.


Every vibration has a frequency that resonates one way or another. Our Body and Soul respond to the vibrations of life through Thoughts and Feelings and we transmit a corresponding vibration through Voice.


The abdomen, chest, vocal cords and mouth create sounds that establish our Voice. Voice is a tool we use to connect our personal vibrational energies to the world. The act of controlling and extending our vibration by making sound can either clarify or confuse the communication we wish to share out into the world.


In this workshop we will learn and play with how and why we use our bodies to make sound. We will work together to build an understanding of how to create sounds that align with what we wish to express out into the world. We will practice listening to ourselves and others to create soul level connections and understanding through clear vibrational communication.


The workshop will start with talking and then move to a settling vinyasa flow with playful sounds to open and free our voices. We will dive into emotional sounds and practice listening to ourselves and each other After natural sound exploration, we will learn a practice called toning that can be done alone, with a partner or as a group. Toning helps us to balance and learn how to control and understand the way sounds move in our body with intention to communicate clearly. We’ll close the workshop with group chanting to seal in the lessons learned and deepen the connection we created to our own souls


The teacher: Lizandra Vidal

Lizandra studied yoga, mindful movement, human energetics for 19 years and has been a teacher and guide for the past 14. She studied with master yoga teachers in numerous lineages and disciplines around the world. She guides students using teachings based in classical yogic texts, into a mastery of the physical, mental and energetic body leading to personal and spiritual growth.