monthly class card


in a nutshell: what you need to know about your monthly class card at Yoga Spot



A short note from the terms and conditions for our monthly class card holders.

A monthly class card is a contract that runs for minimum of 3 or 6 months between you and Yoga Spot. Your monthly fee will be withdrawn from your b ank account. You gave us permission for that.

Start date

Your monthly class card starts on the first day of the next month. If you prefer to start today, we charge you for the rest of this month – pro rata of course.  So if you start on November 15, your contract will run from December 1, untill March 1 or June 1, depending on your choice of contract.

How to end your contract

If you want to end your contract, you must do so by  email. If you email us on the 6th (of 28th) of December, it will run untill January 1 and will stop than (please give us 4 business days to digest, so not 31st of December around midnight – that’s not gonna work as we do everything manjually). If you don’t email us, the contract will run again after your first 3 or 6 months. From this moment, you can end your contract on a monthly basis. Your contract can be paused in case of long illness and injuries (see art. 8 of the general terms and conditions – these are in Dutch).

Amount of classes in your card

With this contract you can attend a maximum of 15 classes in a calender month. For the classes above the 15th you will be charged €5 for each additional class. We do this to guarantee a good income for our teachers.

Reservations and cancellations of classes

Always book your class online (through the website or mobile app). Classes can be cancelled online untill 4 hours prior to the start of the class. If you cancel too late, or if you don’t show up in the booked class, we will withdraw one class from your 15 classes. We only do this if you don’t cancel in time. The reason for it is to prevent that you book a mat without coming, while there might be a waiting list and someone else desperately wanting to attend.

At the end of the month…

It is October 31. You open up the class schedule and want to book a class for November 1, and you are asked to pay. Ehm…. excuse me… don’t I have a contract for half a year? Yes, you do! But. Computers aren’t as smart as we are. We withdraw the contract fees from your bank account on the 1st of the new month – and MindBody shows that only from the first day of the new month with 15 classes. You want to book your favorite classes earlier? We have a workaround! Go to this page (you also find the link to this page above the class schedule). When you login here, you directly come into the MindBody database. You can book your classes ahead here and unpaid. As soon as the 1st of the new month passes, the system connects and automatically takes care of the booked classes, marking them as paid. I’ve tried to explain it to my laptop but that’s how computers work…

If you have any questions, please let me know! Also take a look on the workshop schedule, you find workshops that deepen you yoga knowledge and practise. Most texts are in Dutch but Google Translate is happy to help, and when you show up we teach them in English!

We are looking forward to your frequent visits in the near future.

With kind regards,

Margriet Verhagen

Owner / Founder Yoga Spot