“My fascination for the moving body stems from my dance career”.

Cleo Kwaaitaal


Biography/Life Story
After her education in Classical Dancing at the Royal Conservatoire, Cleo has danced professionally for 15 years in classical and modern groups. She is a teacher of Classical and Modern dance, and teaches Pilates as well. The goal of Cleo’s classes is to create and maintain a fit body. A fit body can last longer, it prevents injuries and is a perfect foundation for all other forms of movement and sports. Her classes are intensive with a lot of attention paid to Core Stability (muscles that stabilise your body). To help you execute the exercises well, she will take you back to the origin of the movement. Pilates gives Cleo strength, flexibility, energy, focus and calmness. She can’t do without it anymore – that’s for sure!

Favourite Asana

Why do you like this asana / what does it bring you?
“The Teaser teaches you to stay in balance”. The Teaser is one of my favourite Pilates exercises. Your whole body is active while doing it. The pose gives you strength, energy and helps strengthen your abdominal muscles (core stability). If you’re doing it well, then you’re in balance. Typical Pilates!