‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

Trix van Hest

Hatha Yoga, Kashmir Yoga, Breathing & Relaxation Therapy, AOT (also known as Dixhoorn’s Method)

Biography/Life Story
In 2011, Trix van Hest chose to enrol in a 4-year yoga teacher training at Yoga Academy Netherlands (YAN) in Amsterdam. Even though she started this training as part of her own personal development, she discovered that she actually enjoyed teaching yoga. She found out that yoga is so much more than just poses. That is what she wants to convey to her students. As a freelance writer, she wrote three articles for the magazine “Spiegelbeeld” about ‘what yoga really is’. However, she prefers to let people experience that themselves.

She herself discovered that yoga allows you to delve into the more subtle levels of energy in your body. We don’t do yoga with only our physical bodies, but we also feel with our emotional bodies. In my classes, you will find elements of the eight yoga paths of Patanjali, like pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (poses), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) and Dhyana (meditation).

Favourite Asana
Virabhadrasana – Warrior II

Why do you like this asana / what does it bring you?
Warrior II gives self-confidence and that is also what I experience when I do this pose. Keeping the arms wide at arm height can feel very tiring, but in this pose I feel more than ever the energy that my arms rest on. At the same time, I feel the firmness that the earth offers me because both my legs are actively engaged. In this pose I feel strong, complete and increasingly more powerful.