Senior / 55+ Yoga

“Improving flexibility and condition, relax the mind”

Do you have any physical limitations? Do you need a calm and attentive approach? Then this is the perfect class for you! Yoga fits with any age and circumstance. During this class we pay a lot of attention to balance, the joints, mobility and muscle strength. Yoga exercises are done standing, sitting and lying down. If your body doesn’t allow for a certain exercise, we can adapt the exercise by using a chair or the wall for support.

What does a class look like?

The class always begins with a moment of silence so that you can fully draw your attention inward. This makes you aware of how you are at that moment. How does your body feel? Are there perhaps any places in your body that require extra attention (painful spots)? Are you holding unnecessary tension within your muscles (for example, in your neck and shoulders)? How is your breathing? Are you breathing more deeply or more shallowly, fast or slow? This exercise brings you back to the ’now’. Then we do exercises to loosen and warm up the body and prepare it for the different yoga postures (asanas), where we stand, sit or lie down. The postures are practised with full attention given to the breath, where the movement follows the breath. This enables you to perform the poses in a controlled way and contributes to stillness and deep relaxation. Each class ends with a long relaxation. Afterwards, we drink a nice cup of herbal tea together. The goal of the class is to create more body and breath awareness, as well as to develop both agility and strength and to experience exercise and relaxation.

What are the benefits

It helps to maintain and improve physical and mental vitality. Muscles and joints will become more supple and strong, and the breathing exercises increase lung capacity. The exercises support the normalisation of your blood pressure and balance the nervous system. 55+ Yoga helps with depression, anxiety, muscle complaints, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. It improves concentration and supports the relaxation of the body and the thinking. It improves balance – both balancing on one leg and the balance between body and mind. It improves body awareness, which stimulates the confidence you have in your body and gives you a better understanding of your abilities. As a result of feeling better and more energetic during or after exercise, it’s possible you’ll enjoy moving around more in general. The exercises also help you find mental calmness.

Who teaches this class?

Senior’s Yoga is taught by Renske.