“If you don’t believe in yourself, who is going to do it?”

Manolo Sepe

Pilates (English)

Biography/Life Story

Originally from Italy, Manolo becamed acquainted with Pilates in Atlanta, USA in 2009. There, he practised Bikram Yoga combined with Jujitsu and self-defense in a fanatical way. During this time, he discovered Pilates and along the way realised the many benefits that it brings. He was impressed by the effect Pilates had on his own body in a short space of time, and as his strength and flexibility grew he developed more body control. This made him decide to start training to become a Pilates teacher to transfer his passion onto others.

Favourite Asana
Leg lift with tightening of the abdominal muscles

Why do you like this asana / what does it bring you?
This exercise requires a lot of body control – tightening the abdominal muscles to lift then lower the legs with control is a real challenge. If you do this ‘leg lift’ regularly, you will strengthen your core enormously.