“Everywhere looking, only God seeing”

Natasa Mojsilovic

Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga (English)

Biography/Life Story
Natasa had her first Hatha class in Belgrade, Serbia before 2000. From the very beginning, practising yoga felt like the right thing to do for her. The feeling of lightness and joy resonated for a long time after every class. Her quest for more deepening in her yoga practice led her to various Karma and Hatha yoga studios.

However, only when she devoted herself to Ashtanga yoga was she lifted to the next level. This form of yoga brings her an ultimate feeling. As she describes it herself: “Expanding the breath and honouring the silence in a body that moves”.

Favourite Asana

Why do you like this asana / what does it bring you?
When I do this pose and close my eyes, it feels like the world opens up to me in silence.