MallikaGood day to you, my name is Mallika Aithala.

I was born in Japan and raised up in Sydney, Australia.

On August 26 I will start my study on the Nationale Ballet Academie in Amsterdam for a full school year.

I am excited to be a ballet school student as my dream is become a professional ballet dancer.

Mallika dogsAs I just turned 15 on the 1st day of February, I´m looking for a foster family as I am not ready to live on my own yet.

I don’t have any food based allergies but I am sadly allergic to cats. I love animals and I have a dog at home.

I have a younger sister. I am not a vegetarian even though my father is from India. My mother is Japanese so I am used to eat anything.

Mallika schoolOutside of dance, I like to play digital games and read books. I like to think about myself as a very social person. I am fluent in English, Japanese and I have been learning  French for 3 years. I just started learning Dutch!

It would be great if I can have my own room.

mallika strik

Please contact me if you have the possibility to house me. My school location is in the Jodenbreestraat and it would be great if I don´t have to spend a lot of time travelling there. Thank you very much for considering!

Kindest regards,                                                                         Je kan vragen over Mallika ook stellen aan Margriet:

Mallika Aithala                                                                                                                                  06-44958333