Yoga Spot Corona Proof: your safety is our priority.

We are happy to be open and we want to keep all clients and teachers as safe as possible! We provide indoor classes and we’re continuing the online classes too: you will find them as “online via Zoom” on the schedule. Enjoy our safety video above ↑


In order to prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus, we take the following measures in the studios.

  • the maximum number of participants per class is reduced to ensure 1.5 meter distance in between yogis
  • you’ll find dedicated spots on the floor where you can place your mat
  • please bring your own mat (you can buy a studio mat for €25)
  • please come to class in yoga clothing, so there will be minimal time spend in the changing rooms

When you enter the studio

  • please stay at home when you have covid=related symptoms (cold, cough, fever, etc)
  • please wash/disinfect your hands
  • you leave all the doors open so that only the teacher/staff opens/closes doors (except toilet doors 🙂

Use of materials

  • bring your own mat
  • if you don’t have a mat you can buy a studio mat from us (see below)
  • if you have a bolster/cushion, please take it with you
  • if you need to use a bolster or pillow from the studio, bring a towel per bolster/pillow so you can cover it

During the class

  • please, stay on your mat
  • sneeze and cough in a paper tissue or your elbow (we provide tissues in the shala and at the entrance)
  • no adjustments (physical corrections) by the teachers unless agreed upon

Basic rules in the studios

  • please use the toilet at home as much as possible
  • please change at home (if you can) to make minimum use of the changing rooms
  • we don’t serve tea or water. Bring a filled sealable water bottle
  • leave the studio soon after class, you can chat outside, please don´t forget to have a tea at home


We look forward to your visit and hope to see you soon!