‘The only thing that matters is Love!’

Kim Geerts

Yin, Hatha, Yin/Yang en Vinyasa teacher

Biography/Life Story

After years of working as a lawyer in the financial sector, I completely lost the connection with myself and I decided to start yoga. Not just to keep calm and stay in the stressful environment in which I worked, but also to stay fit and in shape! Immediately after my first class in spring 2013, something started changing in me. Step by step, I noticed that my fast-paced life changed into a more balanced way of life, allowing me to share my love and compassion with others. My growing awareness and the daily yoga exercise helped me to radically change my life and I left the financial sector behind me so that I could focus on yoga. Today, as a Yogini and Ayurvedic Student, I am convinced that we are all different, all unique. From this point of view, my classses are soft, full of compassion and suitable for anyone who wants to take the time for themselves to feed both the physical and emotional body.

Favourite Asana
Utthit-hasta-padangusthasana – Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose

Why do you like this asana / what does it bring you?
This pose has it all! It brings balance, strength and flexibility at the same time. As you stretch the hamstring of your extended leg, you feel the strength in your other leg. In order to keep your balance, you need to take a strong, open attitude and activate your bandhas. This requires a deep concentration, resulting in an open chest (open heart!). And no time to think of anything else. You are therefore in the only moment that mattters – in the NOW.