Hatha (Flow) Yoga teacher training - 200 + hours

With this in-depth training you will deepen your yoga experience and create a strong foundation for your yoga practice. You start a teacher training because you want to teach – and because of your longing to learn more about yoga.

This training is both a personal growth and teacher training rolled into one. It opens your heart and broadens your perspective toward yourself and others.

You will gain a deeper understanding of asana’s (poses), holistic anatomy, physiology, philosophy, background and history, spirituality, mantra’s, chakras, ayurveda and much, much more.

Backgrounds, theory, practice and goals of pranayama and meditation, teaching skills and supporting business aspects also play a key role in this training.

The teachers: Lahma Muris & Margriet Verhagen

Lahma and Margriet have decades of experience in personal development, yoga and meditation.

They have practiced yoga and meditation for as long as they can remember. Out of love for yoga they attended their own yoga teacher trainings. They integrated the wisdom of yoga into their daily life. The longing to share naturally arose – and the teacher was born.

Now, it is time to share. To share the love for yoga and to train a new generation of Hatha (Flow) yoga teachers, firmly grounded in their own practice, eager to explore and teach from the depths of their own inner beings.

Yoga Alliance Certifiied

This training is a 200 hours certified Yoga Alliance teacher training.

What is the next step?

Find more information on www.yogaspot.nl.

 Please, send us an email if you have any further questions, or fill in the intake form. We will plan an intake with you, Lahma and Margriet. After this intake we decide together on your participation into the Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

What's the purpose of this training?

Once you complete this 200 hours training you are able to integrate the teachings of yoga in daily life, offer classes, sessions, workshops and more.

You know how to design and share yoga in your own style, bringing your unique voice in your teachings, expressing your own true essence.

...and than...what?

If you want more after this training, you can attend advanced training modules to specialise yourself.

  • Vinyasa sequencing (50 hours)
  • Yin Yoga & Meridians (100 hours)
  • Restorative Yoga (50 hours)
  • Meditation (50 hours)
  • Bodywork / personal development (50 hours)
  • Alignment & Adjustment training (50 hours)

With these advanced modules you can add an extra 300 hours of study making the 500 hours teacher training complete. These modules are available from October 2024.

Dates and times

This training starts on October 13, 2023.
We meet every 2 to 3 weeks for two afternoons on Friday and Saturday from 13.30-18.30 and one 8 – day full residential retreat.

Weekend 1: 13 + 14 October 2023
Weekend 2. 03 + 04 November 2023
Weekend 3. 24 + 25 November 2023
Weekend 4. 08 + 09 December 2023
Weekend 5. 12 + 13 January 2024
Weekend 6. 26 + 27 January 2024
Weekend 7. 09 + 10 February 2024
Weekend 8. 01 + 02 March 2024
Weekend 9. 05 + 06 April 2024
Weekend 10. 19 + 20 April 2024 (examen practice weekend)
Weekend 11. 10 + 11 May 2024 (anatomy examen weekend)

Retreat: 17 t/m 24 May or 17 June t/m 24 June 2024  (theory and practical examens will be held during the retreat)

Weekend 12: one week after the retreat (second round of examens, graduation and closure)

Other parts and time investment

Self study, reading, assignments, writing papers, self practise & studio practise, intervision, teaching peers and practicing adjustments. Take into account 3 hours of study, next to the attending and make notes of a minimum of 2 yoga classes per week.


The price for this training is €2950,=, including the 8 day intensive retreat in Winterberg, Holland.

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