‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship

Tahereh Tayebani

Pilates teacher

Biography: I’ve been doing pilates for seven years now, and started teaching it since 2012. I fell in love with it due to the fact that it promotes strength, flexibility, and balance. Also, due to its challenging nature, it helps to build endurance and resilience in mind. In my classes, I encourage my students to do the moves with control and precision, in a slow pace, in order to build strength. I choose a variety of moves for each session, so everyone with different levels of strength can benefit from the class.

Favorite exercise Plank

Why do you like to do this exercise? It builds strength in the core by engaging the abs and lower back muscles. It also engages the glutes, hamstrings, and upper body. Further, it promotes proper posture and improves balance.