Juel shares…..
an interview about femininity and the importance of nourishing and celebrating our female energy.

Juel is Life coach and women trainer. She guides women to re-connect to their female energy, their female power. Stimulating the production of the oxytocin hormone, ‘the love hormone’, is essential for women to get out of their head an into their body. Experiencing  intuition, power, sensuality and love, Juel shares what femininity means to her and why it is so wonderful to reconnect with that rich source.

juel dancingWhat does ‘Femininity’ stand for? What does it mean to you personally?
I believe femininity is about knowing who you are, and owning yourself. Taking time to truly understand the fluidity of our human nature, and manifesting presence, with it’s continuous flux between our Female and Male energies, which is NOT attributed to the gender we are born with. Owning it, by fine tuning your ability to tune into, and connect with what’s going on inside of you, at any given moment, so that you know what you need. Then taking all of that information as feedback, so you can take the steps you need to be agile in life, let your voice be heard, and create the life you want. It’s really quite simple, although truly surrendering to it can take practice.

For me it’s essence and expression changes, but one of the ways I feel it on a personal level is to compare it with water. Water has the ability to shape mountains, and caverns; yet can it be as still and serene as the night. It can be turbulent, powerful and destructive – and bring nourishment, wellbeing and health. It has depths unknown, and is a sustainer of life. It is adaptable, and transformative. It can be transparent or mysterious. It has a cycle; tides of connection can be felt, it ripples and touches everyone… it is beauty.

Remember that neither is better than the other. The importance is in becoming more aware of what lives in you, and the impact it might have on your life. If you live out your life mostly in your masculine energy, you might spend it narrowly focused, running towards a goal without much reflection. If you exist mainly in your feminine, you might get stuck in a chaos of continuous creation mode, constantly distracted by new inspirations. While both energies are extremely powerful when manifested inside of us, they both need each other to keep in harmony.

Why is this aspect so important?dance2
This is a fast-paced, overly stimulated world we live in, where most people exist solely in their heads. While everyone seems to know how incredibly important it is to give it a break sometimes – for peace and quiet, to ground, or just to get rid of the overwhelm that can be our world on occasion – it takes us loads of effort, and determination to even embrace getting out of it, as we seem to have been well trained into believing that we can solve everything through thinking. Self-awareness and re-connecting into your body is key to re-establishing a flowing balance between body and mind. It provides a baseline to light and nourish your inner fire, guiding you towards the life you want.

You have different roots with a mother with Canadian roots and a father with Trinidadian roots. On the one side the Western culture, on the other the Caribbean. How do you experience ‘Femininity’ in a Western society like the Netherlands in comparison to a Caribbean country like Trinidad?
There isn’t just one way to describe this. A simple answer is that people, men and women both, are more in their body in Trinidad. A party can happen within an instant – once music starts, you cannot stop yourself from bobbing your head, or feeling the beat internally. Even at a bus stop. The feminine energy of being present, connecting with each other, in the moment. That you don’t have to be the best dancer or singer to dance or sing. Everyone can do it. It brings and manifests joy, even if there isn’t a ‘point’.

People in the west tend to value keeping busy, single goal focussed. If you aren’t doing something towards the goal you’ve set, you are made to feel lazy. If you haven’t set a ‘correct’ or ‘singular’ goal, there must be something wrong. Fun, connection, and true presence should be scheduled in, instead of being stimulated and built up. People often get stuck in their heads.

This is very generalized, but a short answer to my experience growing up between different influences, cultures, and continents.

dance3And what could we learn from that in Holland?
I experience a disconnection between people in the west. People are more isolated, and limit their beliefs to thinking that this is the only approach to living, in order to preserve themselves and their energy. For me, I miss sisterhood. The support that you feel from your fellow woman. Yes, cattiness exists everywhere, but without the flipside of a basic support you feel from sisterhood, you are left alone on a personal island, often misunderstood.

What could Holland learn…. Relying more on connection, sensuality and playfulness. Instead of practical rationality. Once we grow up, not everything has to be so so serious. Finding daily space to allow the sensual play of life to flow. Be in your body, instead of thinking about everything.

In which way do you aliven your female energy? What happens when you don’t do that?
My favourite way is through doing something physical and ritualistic. Dance is my ultimate go to. But I love to pamper myself; learn here how. It helps me ground into myself. Activates my senses – triggers touch, smell, sound, etc. Without it I get stressed, and feel overwhelmed.

Do you have any tips or advice for our readers to connect more with their female energy?
Yes. I call it: 1 x Song a Day. Dance like no one is watching. Allow your body to take you there. It takes practice, but it’s so worth it. Check this video for an explanation.

You feel the oxytocin bubbling? Set it free and join a ‘Dance it Out’ class at Yoga Spot – each Friday at 8 pm!