Embodied Flow: the power of intuitive movement

We are happy to present a new class on our schedule:

Embodied Flow! Friday at 3:15 – 4:15 pm as from August 25th!


A very unique class that – even though it is not a yoga practice or a pilates class – fits beautiful with our aim for our clients (for you!). To help you connect to your body and spirit, to stimulate you to step out of your head: all the thoughts, the worries, the stories, to do’s, past and future and become present. For you to be able to enjoy your uniqueness and for us to create a safe place for you to express that!

Juel McNeillyGuided by Juel
Embodied Flow is guided by Juel McNeilly. She is a lover of dance and her aim is to empower women through movement and coaching. She is very passionate about what she is doing and is great in creating an safe space for your to tap into your intuition. You want to read more about Juel? Check her profile!

About Embodied Flow
We women have a natural energy within us that is truly a force of nature, yet we usually don’t recognize it. Freely moving in your body is a fantastic way to bring your focus inside, tap into what makes you feel alive, and create space for stillness.

I invite you to awaken your sensuality, ignite your feminine energy, and experience this embodied meditation. Open up to yourself!

In this class, Juel will guide you to build a connection with your pelvis, your creative core, and turn-on to life, through a gentle build-up of flowing body moves, visualisation, sensual movement, breathing, and stillness. Allowing your energy to flow freely around your body, releasing your mind, taking space, while exploring your playfulness. You will explore your entire being through mindful movement and stillness – movement therapy.

Stop thinking, and join for this moving meditation that will deepen your connection to your unique feminine nature and inner wisdom!

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