Veronica about change

Having lived in 4 different countries, travelled around the globe, and changed her career from business woman to yoga teacher she knows all about change. In this interview she shares how change is a driving force in her life, as it generates energy and enthusiasm. On the other side there is need for routine and structure: how to balance the two and how can yoga help? Veronica our dear Vinyasa teacher opens up….


Does the word ‘change’ have a positive or negative connotation to you? Can you explain your answer?

This question brings me back to a time when everything in my life seemed to have lost meaning after a hard break-up. In the attempt to make me feel better, a very dear friend of mine shared an article with me at the time. It was about ‘change’ and started like this: “If you do not create change, change will create you’. Change shapes who you are and it is definitely positive, even though at times it can be hard to see the good in it. For example, when something ends and change is forced upon you, I see it as a chance for a new beginning. We are given the chance to start from a blank page, that I love about change.

What do you consider the most impactful change/changes in your life? How did you deal with it/them?

Having lived in 4 countries and having travelled for almost a year around South East Asia, some of the most impactful changes in my life came from changing environment, intentionally As much as I thrive on that and I see it as a beautiful enriching challenge, I also recognize the difficulties that come with continuous moving and lack of stability. Another relevant change came when I decided to quit pursuing a career in the corporate field and turned to yoga teaching to make a living. These changes and developments were wanted, in fact when things get too comfortable and there are no challenges anymore, I am one of those people who get easily bored and look out for new experiences. This happens at the expense of creating a stable routine.

winds_of_change_chinese_proverbWhat is your general reaction to change? How does it express in your body? and in your mind?

I thrive on change, I love the new opportunities and space it creates, however I also find it hard to continuously lose and rebuild stability. Being familiar with change, now I can more or less predict how my mind and body might react to it. Some of my body signals would be: weight loss or gain, skin changes and hormonal imbalances. And the mind is a general rollercoaster of emotions floating from happiness, loneliness, sadness and again happiness. I ultimately search for stability within change and that takes time to build. And I soon easily
find ways to destroy it to add some spice to my life.

Since I moved to the Netherlands I have however started to feel the need to settle, maybe because I met someone who is too special to say goodbye to. I am ready for the biggest challenge of all, that of a stable relationship and, who knows, maybe a family one day!

In what way does yoga or the philosophy of yoga help you deal with change?

Moving my body in creative ways and doing something good for my body through yoga in its various expressions helps me to stay grounded and healthy. Building strength, focus and cultivating a passion, let it be yoga or boxing or flower picking or bird watching, whatever that might be, gives you something you can take with you anywhere you go. Hence the choice of phrase ‘yoga, anywhere you go’ on my brand.

veronica2Also, trust in the yogic idea that the Universe has a plan and every single event happens for a reason in the grand scheme of things, helps me deal with change.

A yoga pose that can ground me through change is balasana, child’s pose. It is such a self-caring asana where I can feel in my bubble, with just my breath and myself, and the good thing is you can take that anywhere you go. I also like to feel my strength in fluctuating times, so dolphin (ardha pincha mayurasana) is a good one for me, firing up the shoulders, activating my core and feeling like I can fight anything.

What tips or tricks would you like to give to our Yogi’s when it comes to change?

Keep healthy, keep moving, and build a routine or hobby that you can take with you anywhere you go. Use positive mantras and trust the Universe that ultimately everything will be ok. I also found very useful having a little amulet or a symbolic necklace to keep with me and hold in difficult times. My favourites are an ahimsa, hand of Fatima, which I got in Morocco and a chackra stone pendant I got from my mom. I like keeping them close to my heart and hold them when I am scared or stressed.

Having something (an object or a practice) you can take with you anywhere you go and at all times will help you grounding and be brave through change.